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Install Plex Media Server within a minute with Seedbox

Plex allows you to streal all videos and audio files to all devices.
Android, SmartTv, iOS compatible.

Plex Media Server is a multimedia files manager. Copy all data in server and share them to other platform or supports. It makes audio, video or pictures files import easy. Plex Media Server manages subtitls and lot of codecs to stream most of video files.

View all your content

With Plex, view all your files on all your screens, without the need to download them. A complete multimedia system.

Organize all your media in minutes.

With Plex, manage your video library with ease. Everything is organized by genre: Films, series, documentaries ...

Getting started with Plex

First use

Initialize Plex

In your Seedbox manager, just click on "Access Plex" then "Start". account

You must first log in to or create an account.

Identification token

Then go to to get an identification token.

Start the installation

Now enter the identification token previously obtained in the field provided, then "Send".


Now go to Please wait a few minutes and refresh the page. You will see at the top left "Plex" and a green icon.

After checking the data, Plex will display the contents of the library. You will just have to click to start streaming ;)

For further ...

phone_iphone For iPhone/iPad

Once the iOS app installed, log in with your credentials (email & password) to immediately access all of your media.

android For Android

Install app on any Android device, log in with your credentials and everything is immediately available.

tv For your TV

Plex is available for a wide range of connected TVs. this page lists the models as well as the recommendations.

help Need help ?

In case of doubt, problem, question, do not hesitate to contact us via support. we are there for that :)

settings_cell Other peripherals

Smartphones, TV, computers, but also Apple TV, Chromecast, Samsung Gear and many others... Find here all devices that are compatible with Plex.

accessibility Even further

The site has a forum in english where (very) many tips and answers are available, don't hesitate to take a look.

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