• "A powerful service, secure and all inclusive : Seedbox, VPN, Proxy, Storage"

Seedbox.fr allows you to backup, restore, share, edit (and more) all data through a single interface, compatible with all your devices

Web Browser

Everything is available through your web browser. No software to install.


View your files live on your TV. No more tedious transfer operations.


No application, from any smartphone, use services as on your computer.


Exchanging easily with all your friends. Everything is simplified and efficient.


Put a Seedbox in your pocket and bring with you all your files, send them to your friends simply  

Go Mobile.

Whether you're on the road, in the street or just on your couch - Use your iPhone, Android or Blackberry to stay connected or view your files.

Discover a 10 Gbps network

We use a very high-speed network dedicated to file transfers

Access available in few seconds

All your services are installed and configured in less than a minute.

To share together

A dream Service with Seedbox.fr. Send your data easily, to your team, to your family. Protect your privacy at all times.

Powerful tools

A multitude of tools are available for all uses.

A real support, a real team

We are here 24h/24 and 7/7 by phone.



Service while a dedicated storage and sharing of digital files.

  • Secure Network Storage
  • Fully automated backup
  • Automatic hardware support 24/24


We have two independent networks from two different suppliers.

  • 10Gbps connections for users
  • No network limitation
  • Network 99.998% availability rate (2014)


Discover additional services included with your Seedbox.

  • Four Proxy & two free VPN accounts
  • Choose the location of your Seedbox !
  • A real team for 24/7 support